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Click on the "Add Your SPA" button at top or click on Login/Register Link at bottom and fill in the required details to create an account.

Yes, You can list your SPA/Parlour in your own currency and location. During adding your listing you can select your desired location and currency.

Basic registration and access are free, but premium features like boosting listing as Featured or Top may have associated fees. You can check membership pricing here.

You can add your spa by clicking "Add Your SPA" at top or Post an Ad link at bottom of page and following the submission guidelines.

Yes, we review and verify spa listings for authenticity and quality.

Yes, you can opt for listing boost options, such as featured listings, top listings for enhanced visibility.

Membership offers discounts and privileges for adding multiple spa listings as featured / Top.

We use a secure payment gateway for all transactions to protect your information.

Contact us immediately with details, and we'll address the concern promptly.

Check spa credentials, customer reviews, hygiene standards, and staff qualifications.

We strive to verify and maintain the authenticity of spa listings, but it's advisable to conduct your research and read customer reviews for a better understanding.

Cancellation or modification policies depend on individual spas. Please refer to the spa's terms and conditions or contact them directly for assistance.

We prioritize the security and privacy of your information. Refer to our privacy policy to understand how we handle your data.

Yes, our website is mobile-friendly, and you can access it conveniently on your smartphone or tablet.

We encourage users to provide honest feedback and reviews. Contact us if you face any issues, and we'll investigate and take appropriate actions.

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